"She always takes so much time for all her visits to make sure that one can ask any possible question — and she always has great answers, often based on recent research (she sends you articles if you are interested!) and years of experience as a doula and midwife. Her prenatal care is outstanding and very thorough with a lot of personal advice."


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Prenatal Care

Midwife checking on a pregnant mom with the help of a toddler while dad watches

"During the prenatal visits, Nancy always came to our place. She said that the home visits prior to the birth already enable her to detect problems, if there are any, e.g., if a lot of unhealthy food is standing around etc. and by noticing these habits early, she can mitigate them. — Which makes a lot of sense to us! Also, towards the end of the pregnancy, one is always very thankful to not have to go into the car and drive, but to simply welcome the midwife at home.

Nancy always spent lots of time with us discussing all the questions we had, our worries and ideas concerning the birth and preparations towards it. It soon felt more like a friend coming to visit and we were really looking forward to seeing her each week."

The relationship that we create during prenatal care helps keep birth safe and build a sense of trust – I truly believe that women are the experts on their own bodies and that birth is a normal physiological process.

My years teaching yoga and working as a doula have connected me to so many helpful tools that I love to share. I am a deeply spiritual person and that informs all aspects of my practice. Birth is the greatest miracle of all and it continually fills me with a sense of awe and wonder. It’s a profound blessing to do this work.

  • Our prenatal care allows lots of time for chatting and getting to know each other, I want to deeply understand you  and your family and what you need to achieve the birth of your dreams.  We allow time for this relationship to unfold and deepen.
  • Visits follow the standard obstetrical schedule of once a month until 28 weeks, twice monthly from 28-36 weeks and weekly thereafter until birth.  I’m always happy to answer questions that come up for you between visits.
  • Our visits include monitoring blood pressure, hands-on checks for position and monitoring baby’s heart rate..
  • Routine lab work IS offered at your regular visits
  • I’m able to provide referrals for ultrasounds and genetic screening, we are able to perform some genetic screening through bloodwork during your regular visit.
  • I maintain positive relationships with OBs for consultation and referral if needed
  • I have a firm belief that nutritional counseling and preventative care help to ensure that your pregnancy stays healthy.
  • I love to answer questions and believe that every woman and family is unique. My years of experience supporting women on this journey have given me a wealth of information to share.
  • Referrals for doulas, childbirth education, pediatricians, chiropractors and acupuncturists are always part of this care

I like to share lots of information and research (I have a background in science and did research) and believe it’s important to base decision making on solid evidence.  I support you in making the decisions that are best for you and your family.

Water Birth

Woman in water bath while man sits on the side for support

I love the way that water can help mother’s relax and let go. Research has shown that when you get in water at the right point in labor, it can actually speed up the process as your body relaxes and your cervix opens. Being born in water is a gentle entry for babies.


Happy mom with newborn baby

Many women find that laboring at home helps them better cope with labor.

Postpartum and
Newborn Care

Newborn baby with umbilical cord still connected to placenta

The most wonderful thing about having your baby at home is getting in bed and snuggling with your whole family right afterward.We typically spend three to four hours after the birth monitoring you and your newborn.  We’ll do a complete physical exam to weigh baby and check them from head to toe.  We’ll examine you as well and if any stitches are needed we will numb you and do the repair.  We’ll be helping you latch and nurse your new baby, making you some snack and then tucking you in until we return the following day.  We return again around 3 days to check on your baby and make sure that everything is going smoothly.

When we return after 24 hours we offer the California Newborn Screening, check you and the baby and evaluate how nursing seems to be going.  We have lots of experience with breastfeeding and will support you in getting off to a great start.

Home birth relies on a deep sense of trust that is the result of the work that we do together in advance to create an intimate caring relationship and open communication.